Trending Mehndi Designs by Leading Mehndi Artists in Zirakpur

Mehndi artist in zirakpur


Henna popularly known as mehndi originated from the Sanskrit word Mehndi and had been an important cultural and ritualistic aspect in history. Mehndi designs used to be mostly applied in weddings, festivals, and other functions, but designs have been adopted from tradition, and combined with modern patterns.

Mehndi artists nowadays can provide designs, which can vary from complex ones that are characteristic of classical India to simple ones, characteristic of the new fashionable trends.

Mehndi also known as henna is a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years when it comes to decorating women’s hands and feet mostly in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This trend has crossed cultural barriers which has made the trend to be observed internationally.

There are numerous beautiful skilled Mehndi artists in this world and among all of them, Shivam Mehndi Artist is one of the best Mehndi artist in Zirakpur. This blog will be specifically focused on sharing Mehndi designs practiced in the modern world and showcasing Shivam Mehndi Artist’s brilliant work.

Mehndi artist in zirakpur

Popular Mehndi Designs in Zirakpur

1. Traditional Bridal Mehndi

Thus, one can note that the designs of bridal mehndi are highly elaborate and often contain a vast number of detailed patterns. These designs are from palms up to fingertips, and the patterns may include paisley, flowers, bird pectorals like peacocks, and so on. A top Mehndi artist in Zirakpur like Shivam Mehndi Artist makes it a point to make all designs that are drawn stand for happiness, love, and good tidings.

2. Arabic Mehndi Designs

Traditional Arabic mehndi designs are usually very daring and have more trailing touches. Arabic mehndi, on the other hand, generally includes larger designs with areas left blank in between; hence, the contrast is dramatic. These designs are ideal for people who would like to have a setup that is not so cramped but looks just as good.

3. Contemporary Minimalistic Mehndi

For those who are fans of clean lines and styles, contemporary minimalistic mehndi designs are the best choice for them. They prefer lean forms, while geometric patterns are also very popular; the overall decoration is minimalistic and leaves a predominant impression of a novelty presented as a contemporary update of old art. Being part and parcel of fashion, mehndi artist in Zirakpur are fully capable of designing such elegant designs that will create a new and neat fashion statement.

4. Fusion Mehndi Designs

Thus Fusion Mehndi has incorporated some features of the other styles but is not an exact copy. This style is ideal for those people, who want to combine the traditions and the contemporary in their home. These mehndi designs are perfect and unique to taste and preference, and some of the best mehndi artist in Zirakpur such as Shivam Mehndi Artist can create them.

5. Glitter and Colored Mehndi

An extraordinary twist over the conventional mehndi that is being practiced is the Glitter mehndi and Colored mehandi designs. These designs use glitter, gems, and the colored henna thus making the patterns more joyful and lively. This style is best for you if you are going out for parties or maybe any function where you want your mehndi to be prominent.


Shivam Mehndi Artist A Master of the Craft

Shivam Mehndi Artist is one of the best Mehndi artist in Zirakpur who gives his best to the customers. Having worked for the past 3 years, Shivam has crested the art of doing Mehndi for all occasions with a variety of designs to choose from. Due to jealously guarded attention to detail and his capacity to personalize features in accordance with the customer’s desires, people consider him as one of the greatest artists in the region.

In Shivam Mehndi Artist’s collection clients can find bridal mehndi, mehndi for festive occasions, and simplistic latest designs with sharp accuracy and exquisite artistry. This has made him stick with the work and provide the best services to his clients which has gotten him many customers in Zirakpur.

Mehndi artist in zirakpur

Tips for Long-Lasting Mehndi

To ensure your mehndi lasts longer and retains its rich color, follow these tips: Here are some tips that if followed will let you get the longer durability of the mehndi as well as the nice deep color:

  1. Pre-Application Care: Tape a piece of paper inside the flip flops so that the mehndi doesn’t smudge when the feet are washed the next morning; it’s best not to have oil on the skin to hinder the sticking of the mehndi. This helps in fixing of henna on the skin because it provides a somewhat rough background on which the henna is applied.
  2. After Application: After putting the mehndi on, let the quantity dry to the skin by itself. Do not use a blow dryer as this will lead to the hennaed hair cracking.
  3. Seal the Design: When the mehndi is dry follow it up by rubbing a mixture of lemon and sugar in the design worked on. This aids in ensuring that the mehndi remains wet and even the color improves.
  4. Avoid Water: It is recommended that one should avoid exposing the decorated part of the hand with mehndi with water for 12 hours at least. This part is true because water can help to wash the henna paste away before it has been given a chance to cause staining on the skin.
  5. Natural Oils: Some people make the mistake of washing the henna off immediately after drying, instead, use coconut or mustard oil to apply on the design. This is good in the sense that it seals the color, and hence it will be longer lasting.


FAQs About Mehndi Artist in zirakpur

  1. What are the factors I should consider when looking for a good Mehndi artist?

You have to be extremely careful when selecting a Mehndi artist for the special day; thus, you should consider the portfolio of the artist as well as the experience and customer feedback. A good Mehndi artist in Zirakpur such as Shivam Mehndi Artist displays work versatility and offers various styles and designs. Recommendations from friends and families as well as overall reviews from customers online also assist one in coming up with a decision.

  1. How much time should I take to apply Mehndi?

The time it takes to apply mehndi also depends upon the design needed and the size of the area to be covered. Basic patterns may offer 30 minutes, while bridal full-hand mehndi work may require more than 2 to 3 hours. An experienced and skilled mehndi artist in Zirakpur will give a rough time appropriate for the artwork.

  1. Is it possible to have a design drawn especially for me for my mehndi?

Yes, mehndi artists, for the most part, design mehndi as per individual’s requirements and occasion. Consult with the mehndi artist in Zirakpur, then he/she will design a mehndi according to your direction/needs. About Shivam Mehndi Artist It creates and designs Mehndi according to the customer’s requirements and has the advantage of being personalized.

Mehndi artist in zirakpur


Henna being the beautiful form of art has been in practice for several years now and is adored by numerous people. Mehndi designs are an essential part of every occasion, be it a wedding, festival, or any other special occasion, thus you must get the right Mehndi artist.

This is evident from Shivam Mehndi Artist’s portfolio which is an inventory of imposing designs that retains the concept of tradition with a twist of the contemporary world.

These he does to perfection perhaps due to his years of experience and commitment to creating unique and excellent designs. Check out the latest mehndi designs for your hands and feet; Shivam Mehndi Artist will ensure to give you the best mehndi designs which you will never desire to remove.

Trending Mehndi Designs by Leading Mehndi Artists in Zirakpur
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